Rihanna Confirmed Her New Album Will Arrive In 2019 And It’s A Christmas Miracle For Twitter!


Next year will be RiRi Nineteen. Rihanna confirmed her new album will arrive in 2019, and if that isn’t motivation to glide through the new year, we don’t know what it is.

Rihanna took a break from her duties as Ambassador of Barbados to drop the news that she’s returning with her ninth studio album in 2019. The singer made the announcement in the comments section of a recent Instagram post when she responded to a fan who asked about a release date for her Anti follow- up.

“2019,” the Bad Gal simply replied.

Rihanna’s sweet and short reply, along with her vocal producer Kuk Harrel teasing the album earlier this week, is the Christmas miracle Twitter has been waiting since Mrs. Fenty released Anti nearly 3 years ago.

So, understandably, those 4 digits was all it took for the Navy to lose its collective mind.

Click through our photo gallery to see the best reactions to the news that Rihanna confirmed her new album will arrive in 2019. Let’s just hope it’s not December 2019.


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