Nicki Minaj vs Beyonce vs Kim Kardashian on ‘SNL’ Watch the video

Nicki Minaj as Kim Kardashian on SNL (Photo: NBC)
Nicki Minaj as Kim Kardashian on SNL (Photo: NBC)

On this past Saturday’s SNLNicki Minaj it was musical guest who kind of stole the show from host James Franco with her impersonations of two of the hottest celebs in the world, music icon Beyonce and reality star Kim Kardashian.

She impersonated Beyonce during in ‘Jingle Ballerz’ a skit about a (sadly) made-up MTV Christmas involving pop stars as members of The Nativity—along with Rihanna, J Biebs, Eminem, Rick Ross, and of course, Kanye West as little baby Yeezus Jesus.

The rapper put on her best Kim K. for an appearance on Weekend Update, in which she attempted to clear up some of the confusion surrounding her ‘Internet-breaking’ nudie Paper Mag shoot. What we learned is Ms. Kardashian is actually very passionate about high school mathematics, yearly gynecology exams, and potentially hazardous coastal oil spills…JOKE!!!


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