Sam Smith comes out at age 4 yr.

Sam Smith (Photo: Facebook)
Sam Smith (Photo: Facebook)

Sam Smith spoke about his decision to come out ahead of the release of his smash album, “In The Lonely Hour,” in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday in Hollywood.

“It didn’t feel like a coming out … I came out when I was, like, four years old.” My mom said she knew when I was, like, three, so I didn’t have to actually properly come out.”

He went on to say, “I kind of felt like I just had to mention it before I released my record … If I did it afterwards, people probably would’ve thought I was lying just to sell records, which wasn’t the case.”

It’s been an amazing year for Smith, whose hit singles ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘I’m Not The Only One’ have been dominating airwaves all throughout 2014. Earlier this fall, he was named Breakout of the Year as part of Out Magazine’s annual OUT 100 list.


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