OUTRAGE over Selena Gomez’ images…judge for yourself!

In the new issue of V Magazine, Selena Gomez gets huge backlash from her poses to her makeup.

One person said: ‘How disturbing is @selenagomez’ topless shoot for @vmagazine? She looks like an absolute 12-year-old. What is up with that make up?’

A few other Twitter posts: ‘Can’t tell if that Selena Gomez V cover has Lolita written all over it or is it just because she has a baby face?’

Selena Gomez’s sexy Lolita V photos are making us a little uncomfortable.’

‘Ummm,,.this is beyond creepy. Not only does she look 12, they styled her like a 12 year old. The hat and the little bows on her hair while topless, not okay.’

‘Really uncomfortable viewing… just plain weird… she looks like a child dressing up like a child… i.e. is she meant to be a cowgirl? Just bizarre that anyone in her PR team would look at this and go… yep good photos.’

A Twitter feed dedicated to the star called SelenaGomezWatch wrote that the shoot had been unanimously branded as ‘disturbing’ due to her childish appearance.

What do you think?



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