Did Gwen Stefani get her sexy on at age 14yr?

Gwen Stefani in the March issue of 'Fashion' (Photo: Williams/Hirakawa/Fashion)
Gwen Stefani in the March issue of ‘Fashion’ (Photo: Williams/Hirakawa/Fashion)

Gwen Stefani the ‘No Doubt’ singer not only has an incredible family, successful clothing line and a legendary music career, she also has the confidence to know what she wants and doesn’t out of her career.

Covering the March 2015 issue of FASHION magazine, Stefani opens up about a woman’s sexuality and how she won’t use it to further her successes…even though she has been aware of it since she was 14!

“We have this sexual side to us that is alluring and powerful. It’s a gift. When you discover it when you are around 14, it feels amazing, but you learn it’s fleeting. Sexuality is something I’ve never felt comfortable with.”

Her confession might come as a surprise to some, as Gavin Rossdale’s wife has graced the world with several risqué outfits over the years, but she confesses that her discomfort with it will always prevent her from doing some jobs that many other stars have already completed.

“I won’t be doing any topless photo shoots anytime soon. It’s not my thing, I don’t judge people for it, but I didn’t even wear high heels until I was 30. It’s important to evolve outside of your sexuality to entertain people. It was never a card that I played or will play – ever.”

The mom-of-two also dished that in addition to figuring out what works and doesn’t work for her she has never once regretted an outfit, no matter how bad it might have been at the time.

“Everything seems to have a reason for looking a certain way,” she says. “If you hand me an old photo of myself, I can tell you why I’m wearing what I’m wearing…How can anyone regret wearing something? I never do. It reflects who you are at that moment.”

‘FASHION’ hits newsstands Feb. 16.

Stefani knows her clothes  (Photo: Williams/Hirakawa/Fashion)
Stefani knows her clothes (Photo: Williams/Hirakawa/Fashion)


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