DJ Billionaire Paris Hilton commands $1MILLION per set, launching her 18th perfume

Billionaire'ess Paris Hilton (Photo: parluxrfragrances)
Billionaire Paris Hilton (Photo: parluxrfragrances)

Paris Hilton may have dropped out of our Kardashian-dominated reality culture for the last few years, but that doesn’t mean she’s disappeared. Far from it. The former socialite whose biggest accomplishment at one point was coining the phrase “That’s hot,” has become a legitimate, high-powered, highly respected business woman with an estimated worth over $1 billion.

In addition to DJing, a gig that reportedly pays her upwards of $1 million per set, she just opened the’Paris Beach Club’ in Manila and has multiple clothing and accessory lines. She also has a new single coming out with Birdman, called ‘High Off My Love.’  Hilton describes the single as “a mix of Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’ and 50 Shades of Grey.”  Huh?!

Then, there’s her fragrance empire. To date, Hilton has released 17 fragrances, sold more than 40 million bottles, and brought in about $2 billion in sales. This week, Hilton threw a very posh breakfast for a handful of editors to celebrate 10 years of making perfume and to introduce scent number 18 to the world.

This new offering, the ‘Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women’ ($65), which in short will be called, ‘Paris Hilton.’ She says of her new fragrance, “I was just looking back on all my fragrances and I just think they’re all so different and really show the growth in my life and how I’ve changed.”

Hilton is headed to Ibiza to this summer for the third year in a row to deejay.  The downside of being a DJ in Ibiza are the foam parties, Hilton said… “Your hair just gets really messed up from it, I have to deep condition the next day like all day long or else my hair gets so damaged from the foam.”  Oh dear, some things never change!

Many who have met Paris say she is very approachable, sweet and disarming and so says her lovely mother Kathy Hilton who gave Jetss an exclusive interview last year.




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