The Amy Winehouse docu is ‘misleading’ according to her family (read details & watch)

The late great Amy Winehouse (Photo: FinWealth)
The late great Amy Winehouse (Photo: FinWealth)

Amy Winehouse – The late singer’s family is not at all happy with the documentary and now considering taking legal action against the filmmakers.  They have issued a statement saying the film is “misleading and contains basic untruths.”

They say that the “narrative is formed by the testimony of a narrow sample of Amy’s associates, many of whom had nothing to do with her in the last years of her life. Counter views expressed to the filmmakers did not make the final cut.” 

While it initially received backing from the Winehouse family, the relatives of the Grammy-winning singer who died at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning in July 2011 now wish to “disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film,” in a statement from a family spokesperson.

As it stands now ‘Amy Winehouse’, the film is still scheduled to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.


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