Kendall Jenner’s Twitter account ‘HACKED’ whoa, (read mean tweets)

Kendall Jenner (Photo: pagesix)
Kendall Jenner (Photo: pagesix)

Kendall Jenner not happy about getting her Twitter account hacked.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians sisters have been known to hack each other’s Twitter accounts for fun, but not in this case.  The latest hack on Kendall’s account, no one is laughing. About 30 minutes ago three extremely offensive tweets appeared on Kendall’s timeline.

The tweets were quickly taken down but see for yourself. Both accounts referenced by the tweets — @ThyClerk and @fuckcynical — have been suspended.

In the meantime, Kendall is Instagramming and posting a sweet photo in support of her papa Bruce Jenner. She also re-posted a funny bit about needing a boyfriend to do the “wooOOH” part in “Fergalicious.”

Please people make really strong passwords…


Kendall Jenner's Twitter rampage (Photo: Twitter
Kendall Jenner’s Twitter rampage (Photo: Twitter


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