Monica Lewinsky to join ‘The View’ read details… (watch Lewinsky’s TED Talk)

Walters first interview with Monica Lewinsky back in 1999 (Photo: Getty)
Walters first interview with Monica Lewinsky back in 1999 (Photo: Getty)

Barbara Walters creator of the controversial morning show “The View,” has the perfect antidote for the ratings plummet, and that is Monica Lewinsky. Walters says the world’s most famous former White House intern would be a “runaway success.”

Walters believes that Lewinsky could make ‘The View’ competitive and compelling again and grab the younger demographic of online users. Walters sold rights to “The View” back to ABC a year before she retired in May 2014.

Lewinsky now 41 is an advocate against internet bullying and shaming recently appeared on a TED Talk speaking about ‘The Price of Shame’ (video below); her speech was extremely very well received.  In her talk, Lewinsky asked a show of hands of people who have not made mistakes in their 20’s.  Walters has always been an advocate of Monica saying she got the short end of the stick.

Lewinsky, a contributing editor for Vanity Fair addressed the affair with Clinton in an essay for the magazine in May of 2014.

Really, who hasn’t made mistakes in every decade of their life? Time to move on and besides everyone deserves a second chance.




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