Christina Milian Instagrams “the reason for my hangover”

Christina Milian 34, had a grand-ole-time at the ‘Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino’ over the weekend and posted why she is “hungover.”

The “Reality” star and Emmy winner partied away with her assistant Lauren Rodgers and make-up artist Angel Merino until late Saturday night and then hosted an ‘Champagne Sundays’ at the the ‘LINQ Hotel & Casino’ early Sunday morning and posting, “the reason for my hangover” all while looking incredible in her flashy blue bathing suit.  The actress stated in a previous interview how she stays in shape…“I stay so busy that I don’t eat as much as I should, and I like to eat, no, love to eat! I do get full quickly because of my metabolism.”

Ok, we’ll buy that!


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