Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda now…

Actress Michelle Williams’ only child, Matilda, with the late, and very missed Heath Ledger, turned 10 yrs. today.

Williams, 35, a proud mommy stepped out with her only daughter on Wednesday, which also happened to be Matilda’s 10th birthday. Mother and daughter held hands and chatted away on a beautiful autumn day in New York City.  Undoubtedly, Ledger would be so proud of his little Matilda and probably pleased that she looks just like him.

Ledger died in 2008 at the age of 28 yr. of cardiac arrest which was triggered by a prescription drug intoxication.

Williams and Ledger amicably ended their three-year relationship in 2007 and Williams has brought up their daughter pretty much out of the stoplight. In fact, Ledger’s sister, Kate, has stated how impressed she is at how well Williams has raised Matilda despite all the drama early on in her life.


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