Kourtney Kardashian back to social media and looking H O T

Well it didn’t’ take too long, and at least one of the Kardashian sisters is back to social media. Kourtney K took to Instagram and Twitter today letting us know they still rule the world.

Kourtney, 36, looked picture perfect wearing a form fitting black sports bra and matching leggings. The oldest Kardashian captioned the photo of herself on Sunday saying: “Working out is one of the only things that helps when I’m feeling anxious.”

Earlier in the day, Kourtney shared a Tweet with her (3) children in their Halloween-themed pajamas writing, “Skeleton cuddles.”

With all the recent drama and panic, it is nice to see that life for the Kardashians is getting back to normal. Given all the negative press they receive, the family is always in support of one another and their friends.


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