Has Cristiano Ronaldo moved on from Irina, to 19 yr. Danish model Maja?

The soccer god Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly has a new girlfriend, she’s stunning and 19 yrs old.

Ronaldo, 30, who’s from Santo António, Portugal and plays “forward” for the Spanish team ‘Real Madrid’ began a relationship with the Danish model Maja Darving, 19, shortly after splitting with his ex-fiancee Russian model Irina Shayk of five years. Whom, by the way, has moved on to movie star Bradley Cooper and appears to be very much in love.

Darving, has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and pretty much posts sexy images of herself daily. And who can blame her; she is beautiful with a gorgeous body and supposedly dating one of the hottest and wealthiest soccer players in the world.

The rumor is that Darving originally met the footballer in August after being introduced by friends, then attended one of his matches in October in Malmo, Sweden. The two were spotted together this weekend in Madrid, Spain but have yet to come out and make it official.  But, as we all know, where there is smoke there is usually the next celebrity love story!


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