Leah Remini competed against Jennifer Aniston for TV parts


Leah Remini has a lot to say about Scientology, but she also has things to say about competing with Jennifer Aniston for acting roles.

Remini, 45, revealed in her tell all memoir, ‘Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood And Scientology’ that she and Aniston often competed against each other for the same roles early in their careers. And, she had nothing but praise for the ‘Friends’ star calling her a “total professional.”

Remini wrote that Jennifer was “warm and gracious,” and that two developed “a natural camaraderie.” In fact, not many people know that Remini was up the role of Monica in ‘Friends’ but lost out to Courtney Cox, telling Howard Stern…“Yeah, I was like, “Dammit, my life could have been good right now.” The star admitted that she took the loss pretty hard and “cried for days.”

The ex-Scientologist said in 1998, the sitcom ‘King Of Queens’ fell in her lap and then ran for nine successful seasons saying… “When you get your show, that’s what King of Queens’ was for me, that was my part, that was my show, I was meant to have that part.”

Remini’s book hit shelves on Tuesday, detailing some ugly accusations about the religion before she left in July 2013.


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