5 weirdest celebrity moments of 2015

It has been a year characterized by a torrent of embarrassing and hilarious moments from celebrities. Some made our jobs easy by publishing their own embarrassing moments, while others were just caught in the crossfire of cringe. Here are five of the best in 2015.

1. When Drake wiped his mouth after making out with Madonna When Madonna moved in to plant a wet one on Drake onstage at the Coachella Festival earlier this year, the rapper took it less like Britney Spears and more like a virgin – disgusted for the very first time. His horrified reaction caused a backlash from Madge, but Drake claims he wasn’t disgusted, just shocked.

2. When Lenny Kravitz and Harry Styles wore this In 2015, Lenny Kravitz and Harry Styles both lost the ability to distinguish between actual clothing, upholstery and carpeting. The One Direction singer was seen numerous times trying to pass wearing grandma’s couch cushions off as a suit fabric trend. Kravitz did his part to destroy the scarf industry by showing the multiple uses of living room rugs.

3. When Zoolander walked at a Valentino show Remember when Zoolander stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were spotted at actual Valentino events and Derek Zoolander himself walked a Valentino runway at Paris Fashion Week? We wish we could forget this stunt to hype the sequel that is due out in 2016.

4. Every time Kanye West spoke Kanye West’s continuous stream of verbal hilarity continued on in 2015 and some highlights included the rapper’s humble declaration that he is in fact the “greatest living rock star on the planet.” Oh, and he also declared he will be running for president in 2020.

5. When Kim Kardashian posted her placenta Kanye’s wife and the mother of his children didn’t hold back this year either. Shortly after giving birth and actually naming her first-born son Saint, she decided she was going to take the placenta from which he came in pill form.


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