Larry Flynt to turn Playboy Mansion into Hustler House

The Playboy Mansion could soon be renamed the Hustler House or something similarly awful, because Larry Flynt is trying to buy Hef’s pad.

The estate was recently put up for sale by Playboy Enterprises following recent spring cleaning efforts that included the announcement that the magazine would no longer feature nude models on its cover, TMZ reports.

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is said to be lowballing Playboy and will offer Hugh Hefner’s company only $40 million of their own $200 million valuation of the infamous property. He would then only go as high as $80 million if Playboy refuses to bend over. As part of the deal, Flynt will also attempt to push the Hef into writing a column for his own magazine.

It was previously reported that the 89-year-old Hefner was holding out for a deal in which he would be given a life estate on the property – meaning he could live there for the remainder of his twilight years.

Now sources at Playboy say there is no way the it will be selling the property for any bid as low as $80 million.


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