Taylor Swift stalker busted at her house

A man has been arrested outside Taylor Swift’s home after he “spooked” neighbours by yelling for the star to come outside.

Sources told Entertainment Tonight they were frightened as the man was “yelling for Taylor to come out of her home” in an exclusive Bel Air estate.

When police arrived, the man was taken into custody and later released without being charged after undergoing medical observation.

It is not known whether the 26-year-old singer was at home.

The “Bad Blood” hitmaker is no stranger to stalkers as she has had to resort to filing restraining orders in the past.

In 2014, Timothy Sweet was ordered to stay away from the singer and her family after he sent her dozens of emails and social media messages declaring his creepy love while also claiming that he would “kill any man” that comes between him and Taylor.

Another, Christian Ewing, was arrested at a San Diego show after jumping on stage with the singer. Taylor’s bodyguards took him down and one even broke a rib.

When asked why he did it, Ewing said: “I love that girl.”

Lock the doors, Taylor!


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