Cameron Diaz: Stop age shaming me!

Cameron Diaz has said she will not accept being shamed for aging gracefully.

The 43-year-old actress said she is more than happy to accept that she is not 25 anymore.

In an interview on Sirius XM, the Sex Tape actress said, “It’s up to me as an actress, as a human, as a woman, to say that’s not acceptable for me anymore, and you can’t demand that of me.”

“If I’m relying on everybody buying me as a 25-year-old, then I’m screwed. I’m not going to keep trying to keep up with an image of my 25-year-old self,” she said.

In reference to her iconic dancing scene in the hit 2000 action comedy Charlie’s Angels, Diaz said, “I can also accept that my panty-dancing days on film could be over. And I’m okay with that, personally, I’m okay with that.”

That film was shot when Diaz was 27-years-old and the actress now feels content to leave those glory days behind and follow her own advice to aging gracefully.

“I really think that’s what aging gracefully is about,” she said. “Being able to accept the fact that there are some things that are just not the same any longer.”


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