Iggy Azalea gets her DNA test back

Iggy Azalea has been researching her roots and she has now finally got the results of her DNA tests back.

The “Pretty Girls” singer told fans on Twitter that she got the results back and revealed she discovered her “ancestry is a mix of Scandinavian and Asian.”

“I got my DNA analysis back and they told me I like salty snacks more than sweets. It’s actually true,” she told fans. “They also told me my ancestry is a mix of Scandinavian, Asian and awesomeadian.”

The Australian singer has in the past come under fire for a perceived ignorance of racial issues, but the 25-year-old was once passionately defended by rapper colleague T.I.

“The whole racist thing, that’s American. We forget she’s not American. So the whole black, white, color divided thing isn’t a part of her DNA like it is here in America,” he told Complex in 2014.


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