Katy Perry wants to live in a convent?

Katy Perry has come one step closer to buying a scenic former convent in LA after winning a key legal battle with nuns.

The pop singer offered $14.5 million to buy the 8-acre hilltop property, but the nuns who reside there reportedly voiced their distaste for her and sold it to a restaurant owner, TIME reports.

A judge on Wednesday, however, ruled they did not have the right to sell the property to Dana Hollister and needed final authorization from the Los Angeles Archbishop.

The five nuns residing on the property are of an order called the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is not known whether they are aware that the singer had been a Christian rock singer before her sexy pop rebirth.

Or perhaps they know that very well. Either way, Hollister is the ultimate loser in the unholy property war as he already started renovations on the property while Variety reported that the Archbishop is keen to sell to Katy Perry.

Talk about backing the dark horse.


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