Taylor Lautner offers T-Swift’s number on Instagram

Taylor Lautner probably should have joined Instagram many moons ago already, but what an entrance!

The Twilight heartthrob made use of the new 60-second video feature like a seasoned pro in a sketch featuring cameos by Adam Sandler and David Spade, MTV reports.

In the sketch, Lautner ponders what he could do for his first post with surprisingly funny results.

One of his suggestions is to do some “dabbing,’ but Adam Sandler was having none of his take on the dance craze.

At the end of the video, he offers David Spade Taylor Swift’s phone number in return for a cameo appearance.

Lautner, of course, dated his singing namesake back in 2009.

The post has already garnered Lautner a massive 556 000 followers at the time of writing.


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