Amber Heard no longer wants spousal support

Amber Head has withdrawn her request for temporary spousal support, because she feels it takes away from “the real issue of domestic violence.”

The 30-year-old actress and her lawyers have filed a deceleration to take the request off the table until after the restraining order trial against Johnny Depp on Friday, Mirror reports.

We reported earlier that the 52-year-old actor is expected to opt out of giving his testimony in court on Friday out of fear of saying something incriminating under oath.

This after Heard accused him of physical abuse during their 15 month marriage.

The request does not permanently scrap the request and TMZ reports that Head will pursue it again after Friday’s trial ends.

Depp’s lawyer Laura Wasser rubbished Heard’s previous request for $40 000 a month was at the time and said the actress was capable of “supporting herself.”

This came after Heard filed for divorce and applied for a restraining order late last month.


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