Ben Affleck launches foul-mouthed, slurred rant

Ben Affleck has appeared on the first episode of Any Given Wednesday with sports columnist Bill Simmons and things got real…

The actor fumed over “deflategate,” a term used to refer to deflation in American football, during the episode that aired on Wednesday.

A ranting sports fan is nothing new, but the 43-year-old actor appeared abnormally agitated and his speech was slurred.

Shortly after the show, Twitter was buzzing with fans commenting on Affleck’s bizarre behaviour.

“Ben Affleck on ‘Any Given Wednesday’ just confirmed for me that on talk shows yes, that’s real alcohol in the glass,” Twitter user @ajmarechal wrote.

“Great job @BillSimmons – bring back Barkley & the hilariously pissed-off Brady-blowing Batman @BenAffleck every week! #AnyGivenWednesday,” TV host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted.

However, some responses were less light-hearted.

“Whether you like Ben Affleck or not, the guy’s been waging a war against alcohol for years. Today, he’s losing. It’s NOT funny. It’s tragic,” television writer Jose Molina tweeted.

According to TMZ, sources close to the actor insist he was sober and the slurring was as a result of his passion for the topic under discussion.


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