Pink lashes out at hackers…and fans!

While most celebrities blushingly delete offensive online posts, Pink has lashed out against the hackers who authored them.

“To the ass****s that just hacked my private IG account,” she started her Twitter rant. “Your parents must be really proud of you. That’s your contribution to the world? (sic)”

Some fans urged Pink to simply go the usual route and forget about.

“lmao it’s not the end of the world get over it,” one follower wrote. “too bad… Cuz you floped (sic),” another rudely chimed in.

The 36-year-old singer then redirected her anger at her unsympathetic fans, writing: “TROLLS, your insults go a lot further if you can manage to spell it out properly. You’re welcome.”

After replying to a variety of both positive and negative comments about her online ordeal, Pink finally signed off in a trademark sassy manner.

“Welp, I do love the socks off of most of you. The rest of you unhappy f*****s? Good luck with all of that. And I’m out. (sic)”


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