Angry Ginger: I’m transgender

The viral internet star known for declaring that “gingers do have souls” has come out as transgender.

Claire Kittrell, who has up until now been known as CopperCab, is the star of the reality television series Hollywood Hillbillies.

In a video obtained by TMZ, she says “This isn’t some kind of a prank. The trans community has gone through so much. That would be such a dark thing to do.”

“I’ve been wearing shirts still…I haven’t gone out in a dress. I haven’t felt comfortable.”

“I have only been on HRT [hormone replacement therapy] for the last five months,” the 23-year-old said.

Claire, whose birth name is Michael Tyler Kittrell, first became a viral phenomenon after posting a video rant about the portrayal of redheaded characters in the animated series South Park.

The show’s creators then added to the meme’s staying power by directly mocking Kittrell’s video for a teaser for the then-upcoming season’s premiere.


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