Caitlyn Jenner wanted to be ‘female relative’ to kids

Caitlyn Jenner had plans to undergo her transition in secret before reappearing as a female relative to her kids in 1985.

In her new book A Little Thing Called Life, Jenner’s ex-wife Linda Thompson tells of how Caitlyn told her she was in a “living hell” before her transition, PEOPLE reports.

“As we tried to work through our feelings. Bruce told me he was considering traveling out of the country,” she wrote.

She added that Caitlyn wanted to “have the gender reassignment surgery anonymously and then come back as a female.”

When she asked then-husband Bruce about their children Brandon and Brody, she said “he thought maybe he would re-enter their lives as a female relative.”

“He was grasping for a lifeline. As devastated as I was, my heart bled for Bruce.”

“I felt such an obligation to keep Bruce’s gender dysphoria his secret that I did not even tell my sons until they were 31 and 29 years old, respectively.”

Bruce and Linda divorced in 1986.


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