Adele: Cigarettes made me sing better

Adele has said she thinks that ditching cigarettes has actually weakened her voice.

The “Hello” hitmaker quit smoking five years ago in a bid to protect her angelic voice, but she now believes the opposite is true as she can no longer hold the same notes.

“The people with the best voices, they always smoke. I’ve given up smoking and I’m convinced that’s made my voice weaker,” she told Canada’s etalk.

She also mentioned how working with heavy smoker Bruno Mars on the track “All I Ask” made her realise how much she misses puffing on the disease sticks.

“Bruno smokes like an old woman. My make-up artist will stink after having a fag. I had never noticed it before,” she said adding that there is one definite upside to quitting, “but my fingers ain’t orange anymore.”

The 28-year-old star is a real professional and has taken numerous steps to ensure her voice stays in top shape.

We recently reported that she quit chomping down pizzas as the tomatoes might have a negative effect on her voice.

“I can’t eat pizza anymore! How bad is that? Because it’s got cooked tomatoes on it which are bad for your throat and give you acid reflux,” she said at the time. “How bad is that, I can’t eat pizza.”


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