Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna fight over sex lyric

Rob Kardashian is reportedly furious with Blac Chyna over her inclusion in the lyrics of a song by rapper The Game.

Not only did The Game recently claim to have slept with two of his sisters, but the song “92 Bars” is now also informing Rob that the rapper got with his fiancé!

The lyrics to track go like this: “Blac Chyna head the bomb, Al-Qaeda.”

TMZ reports that Rob was totally grossed out by it and felt that Blac Chyna should have disclosed this piece of info to him early on in their relationship.

Blac disagreed and said it was long before she even hooked up with Rob. They have since agreed that the real villain is The Game for not giving Blac Chyna a heads up (see what we did there?) about the lyric.

Not even a Taylor Swift call or anything…seriously, The Game?

This is not the first time in recent memory that Rob Kardashian and eight months pregnant Blac Chyna has had a big argument.

We recently reported that Rob deleted all traces of his fiancé from his social media account after he found some suspicious messages on her phone.

At least their show Rob & Chyna is set to be quite epic!


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