Amy Schumer fans angry over d**k joke

Amy Schumer is in for some serious shaming after a studious Twitter browser found an offensive tweet from 2009 to shame her for.

Back in 2009, the comedian tweeted an uncharacteristically (now at least) politically incorrect joke at the expense of South African Olympian Caster Semenya.

After Semenya won gold in the women’s 800m at the World Championships in Berlin, Schumer tweeted: “Which part of that South African chick crossed the finish line first? Her d**k or her adam’s apple?”

Now her joke has been rediscovered and her social justice warrior fans are not happy at all.

“Yes Amy Schumer, while we’re on the topic of crossing lines,” Twitter user @Nick_Frost answered about seven years later on Friday.

User @Cernovich was apparently left speechless by the tasteless joke: “Wow @amyschumer, just wow.”

Verified Twitter user @ThatLukeTyler also joined in on the shaming, tweeting: “@amyschumer non CIS-gender human beings are murdered everyday because of “jokes” like this. Worth the laugh Amy?”

Amy might be the at the receiving end of some self-righteous Twitter justice right now, but not long ago we reported that she basically directed some in the direction of an intrusive fan.

We also reported a while ago that Amy herself claimed to be the victim of body shaming earlier in her career. This tweet now proves she was pretty skilled at dishing it out too.

It might be seven years late, but karma always gets you!


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