Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid pics slammed online

The perma-offended internet mob is not happy about the fact that W Magazine photoshopped the hell out of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

The fashion and celebrity news magazine photographed the two models for their special ten month anniversary issue, but those pesky online fault finders are having a field day.

“Why does Kendall Jenner have Barney teeth?” Twitter user @singfromthehair asked along with a zoomed pic of Jenner’s smoothed over grill.

Twitter user @ambrosialtroye moaned: “the difference between her legs lmao what kind of photoshop..,,.,”

“why did they photoshop the sh** out of gigi and kendall’s photoshoot they look like bloody aliens now djsndk,” Twitter rager @yslmalfoy obliviously observed the actual point of the piece.

In their own headline, the magazine describes the feature piece as “Placebo Pets: How Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid became humanoid creatures for W.”

Creatures? Oh, the objectification!

A quick look over some of the shots and the accompanying video would tell you that photoshopping was the least of the hardcore tampering that went on in the making of the piece.

Hadid and Jenner both appear with prosthetic noses and headpieces that make them look like they are living inside a real-life Snapchat filter while their voices are digitally altered to give off a super creepy vibe. In fact, it wasn’t really a fashion shoot at all!

According to W Magazine, “they were being pulled into a virtual-reality world engineered by the artists Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch, whose ‘sci-fi theater of the absurd,’ as Art in America once dubbed their work, has made them among the most lauded, exciting, and prescient artists of their generation.”

“Their vision of tomorrow is equally terrifying and liberating, Edenic and apocalyptic.”

So there you have it, offense connoisseurs. It was meant to look disturbingly “unrealistic.”

The idea for the creepy piece reportedly grew out of the artists wondering who would survive if a superior alien humanoid species landed in our midst on earth…

The artists’ answer: The friendliest!

So we guess no one with a Twitter account would survive the joyous alien apocalypse.


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