What is up with Lindsay Lohan’s accent?

Have you heard Lindsay Lohan speak lately? The New York-born star now speaks with a weird broken English, semi-European accent and it’s just bizarre.

Lindsay recently spoke to a group of journalists outside her new Lohan nightclub in Athens, Greece and it was just astounding how she picked up an accent so quickly.

“I said maybe there is something for me to do more here so I have a reason to come back,” she told the reporters in the odd broken English.

“My first time coming to Athens with Dennis, my friend, and that’s all he is my friend and business partner!”

The 30-year-old actress is referring to Dennis Papageorgiou, the man the entire world thought was her new boyfriend after she broke up with Egor Tarabasov.

“But his mother became a very close person to me and his sister as well… When I went through hardships with my ex I really found ‘good family’ in these people from Greece.”

We also reported earlier that Dennis was the man who stepped in when Egor got physically abusive towards Lindsay.

But during the interview, it was her odd accent that got most of the attention, Daily Mail reports.

Even Lindsay herself poked fun at it afterwards, tweeting at the publication: “@DailyMailUK what should I call my new accent? I’m thinking #LILOHAN”

Next time we go on holiday, we will try our best to pick up a new accent.


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