Celebrating Lisa Kudrow’s Birthday: Phoebe Buffay’s 20 Best Moments on Friends

  • Happy birthday Lisa Kudrow! These are Phoebe Buffay’s best moments on Friends. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she came up with the perfect, yet weirdest analogy for Ross and Rachel’s romance. (Photo: Archive)

  • When there was something wrong with the left phalange! (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe got a touch of normality by marrying her sweetheart, Mike. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she officially became the best aunt in the world by giving birth to her brother’s triplets. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe screeched along to Ross’s botched attempt to play “Celebrate” on the bagpipes. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe was bested by a machine (Ms. Pac-Man), unleashing hell to a waka waka-infused opera score at precisely the wrong moment. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe finally discovers that Monica and Chandler have been hooking up. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe was locked in a game of seduction with Chandler, which she ultimately wins after presenting him with his greatest fear—a bra. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe teaches Rachel how to properly run. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe splayed cheerful tunes and brutally honest lyrics for children at a local library. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she starred the Smelly Cat music video. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she almost coughed herself to dead. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe figured out Chandler and Monica’s little game. (Photo: Archive)

  • When Phoebe lost her mind over Emma’s sock. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she pretended to be a Swedish masseuse. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she casually asked the audience for their money. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she came up with the best names for Ross and Rachel’s baby. (Photo: Archive)

  • When she politely refused to help her friends. (Photo: Archive)

Happy birthday Lisa Kudrow! These are Phoebe Buffay’s best moments on Friends. (Photo: Archive)

While Phoebe Buffay started being a very strange—and sometimes awkward—character who could spend a whole episode trying to clean Ross’ aura, Lisa Kudrow managed to make her the queen of the one liners on Friends.

From her wild hairstyles and outfits to her bizarre songs to her outlandish attitude towards life, Phoebe Buffay became one of the most eccentric characters not just in Friends but on television. She always had a different, unusual story to tell, or an offhand comment for the most inappropriate times. But honestly, that’s why we all love her.

Today, Lisa Kudrow turns 54, and we celebrate it remembering the quirky, free spirit, comedic relief that Phoebe was. Picking out Phoebe’s best moment is a hard task, but we made it! These are the 20 funniest, weirdest, cleverest moments of the best “friend” we know.

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