Black Panther Is Already Breaking Every Box Office Record And, Incidentally, It Is Also Breaking The Internet

We hyped it up and it delivered. Black Panther is the best Marvel Movie to this day. Not up for debate.

On Thursday, Black Panther roared with a box office of $25.2 million internationally on its opening night, becoming the second-biggest Marvel Comic Universe midnight preview ever. And the demand is rising at an exponential rate with no signs of stopping any time soon!

As predicted by many, the story of King T’Challa returning to his home nation Wakanda is surpassing our expectations, smashing all records, and, incidentally, breaking the internet.

Amazing performances by an A-list black cast, superbly written, filmed, and directed by a black crew, and a mind-blowing soundtrack also brought to you by a black music star. What’s not to love about this Afrofuturistic movie?

Black Panther truly is pure black magic! And people on Twitter seem to have fallen under its spell. Here’s what the audience new permanent Wakanda residents are saying about our favorite super hero movie!


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