Mommy Approves! Victoria Beckham Celebrates His Son Brooklyn’s New Tattoo Made In Her Honor

They may be oceans apart, but from now on, Victoria Beckham and her son Brooklyn will always be together…

The 18-year-old aspiring photographer honor his mom with a cute tattoo of a classic “mum” heart on his left bicep. And though the new ink made his official social media debut earlier this month, it was now Victoria’s turn to show off her son’s tattoo on Instagram.

“Big tattoo! X kisses from NYC!! @BrooklynBeckahm x #loveyou,” the former Spice Girl captioned the snap where she’s seen hugging her son and pointing to the tattoo, while Brooklyn stares directly into the camera.

The sweet homage to Victoria is Brooklyn’s latest addition to his continuously growing tattoo collection—following the footsteps of his dad, footballer David Beckham. In fact, nearly one year ago, the oldest of the Beckham children got his very first tattoo. A native Indian, and analog camera, a compass, an eagle, a rose, the number 7, the birthdays of his sibling, and a cupid are just some of the many inks that adorn Brooklyn’s hot body.

Most of Beckham’s tattoos are the work of ink artists Dr. Woo, who is known not only for his always impeccable masterpieces, but also for his enviable clientele that includes celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Drake, Kelly Osbourne, and Ariel Winter.

Will Brooklyn’s next tattoo be a romantic ode to his girlfriend Chloë Moretz?


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