Sophie Turner Is Thrilled To Marry Joe Jonas, But That’s Not Even Cloe To Being Her Greatest Achievement In Life

Sophie Turner is excited to marry the love of her life, Joe Jonas, but the 22-year-old actress is even more thrilled about the future of her career. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the Game of Thrones star opened up about her priorities in life since her engagement with the DNCE frontman.

“I’m still like, ‘Holy sh*t, I’m engaged!'” Turner confessed. But then she continued: “There’s this weird misconception that being married is the greatest thing that’ll ever happen to you. But I’ve always found that my career is something I work for, and when I achieve something, there’s a sense that this is the greatest thing I’ll do in my life.”

So, no offense to the Jonas Brother, but Turner seems to value his achievements in Westeros more than the diamond ring that is now gracing her hand. Although having her priorities straight and living for what what makes her happy doesn’t take away from the joy of having foudn “her person.”

“It’s lovely to be engaged. It’s not like I achieved anything, but I found my person, like I’d find a house that I love and want to stay in forever,” Turner explained. “There’s a sense of peace that comes with finding your person. But there’s a drive that comes with your career.”

We get you, Sophie. We couldn’t choose between a multi-million-dollar career and getting married to one of the sexiest men on the planet, either. What a dilemma!


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