Huzzah! The Bluths Are Back With A New Season Of “Arrested Development” And Twitter Is Bursting With Excitement

It’s happening, isn’t it? Arrest Development will return to Netflix for its fifth season on May 29. And we’re afraid we just blue ourselves.

Following a re-release of the fourth season in a new “remixed” 22-pisode, the streaming giant premiered a trailer overloaded with winks and nods and elbow nudges at moments from the series’ original, impeccable run—like Lucille’s cheers of excitement, flapping hands, Tobias’ Blue Man Group obsession, and George Michael’s fake muscle suit.

An while some feel like Arrested Development may be a show that’s best life in 2006—specially after it epic flop with Season 4—, others think its return to the densely packed, dysfunctional family goofs that made the first three seasons so good will put the Bluths back in the comedy game.

As for us, all we can say is “huzzah!” Check out some of the best reactions to the announcement of a brand-new season Arrested Development as we prepare for a new ride on the iconic Bluth Company’s stair car.


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