Jennifer Aniston To Play First Queer Female POTUS In New Netflix Comedy

Talk about breaking the glass ceiling!

Netflix has announced that Jennifer Aniston and comedian Tig Notaro will star as the President and First Lady, respectively, in the new political comedy film, First Ladies. The groundbreaking project will follow the story of America’s first female president and her wife.

The First Ladies press releases doesn’t detail much about the movie, for instance, no release date has been announced. But telling by its catchy premise — “behind every great woman… is another great woman”— First Ladies promises plenty of star power and, honestly, that sounds good enough for us and the world at large.

The announcement was the latest in a series of high profile projects for Aniston, whose career has consisted mostly of romantic comedy films since the end of the sitcom Friends in 2004. She also is currently working on her first TV show since her days as Rachel Green, co-staring and producing a  drama series for Apple Inc. alongside Reese Witherspoon about the lives of people working on a morning television show.

As for Notaro, she released a Netflix documentary about her struggles with breast cancer on Netflix in 2015, the same year her semi-autobiographical series One Mississippi premiered on Amazon Prime Video. On May 22, Notaro’s original comedy special Happy to Be Here will debut on Netflix, where she is also slated to direct an upcoming original comedy special starring Ellen DeGeneres.

We can’t wait to scape Trump’s reality presidency and alternate to a fantasy that couldn’t be further from the truth.



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