David And Victoria Beckham Further Shut Down Divorce Rumors As They Appear Together At London Fashion Week

Internet, you can stop holding your breath. Victoria and David Beckham have been together—as in not broken up—for the first time since a whirlwind of divorce rumors unleashed on the international media.

The iconic couple were spotted putting a united front at the Kent and Curwen’s Men’s event at London Fashion Week on Sunday afternoon. And, in an attempt to further shut down those crazy divorce rumors, Victoria shared loved-up snaps of their day on Instagram.

“#momentcaptured,” she wrote alongside a black heart emoji underneath one of the pictures, which showed David lovingly standing with his hands on her shoulders.

They appearance at London Fashion Week comes following a social media frenzy on Friday, claiming that the footballer and the former Spice Girl were putting an end to their relationship after nearly two decades of marriage and four children together.

A representative for David and Victoria hit back at rumors the two are set to divorce, branding them as “an embarrassing waste of time.” The spokesperson for the family also added: “This is just fake social media news. This is all very bizarre […] There is no statement due, no divorce.”

So it looks like David and Victoria will actually be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary next month after all. Which means the world can finally keep on turning and we can peacefully go on with our lives. Thank the Lord!


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