Twitter Has A Lot To Say About Post Malone’s “Always Tired” New Face Tattoos

Post Malone is no stranger to ink, and we sure as heck are no strangers to his, uh, unique tatts. But his new one has definitely outdone everything and anything he’s ever stamped on his body before—which is truly saying something when you have a freaking barbed wire across your forehead.

The rapper debuted another shocking face tattoo to his already extensive collection on Wednesday, revealing the words “always tired” in cursives under his eyes. And though Austin, his real name, has never really been a subtle guy, Twitter think this new ink is a lot—even for Post Malone.

The daring tattoo has received mostly negative reactions from his fans. While some agreed with the sentiment, most people were definitely not on board with the face-ink. Click through our photo gallery above to see the Internet is slating Post Malone over his new tattoos.


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