Kylie Jenner Pierced 5-Month-Old Stormi’s Ears – Does Twitter Approve?

With so many things to judge or even hate Kylie over—like the overall cultural appropriation, her not-at-all self-made billion fortune, and even her cringeworthy GQ interview with Travis Scott, just to name a few—Twitter has decided to slam the younger member of the Kar-Jenn clan over her baby’s ears.

A few days ago, the lip-kit mogul posted a series of photos and videos where eagle-eyed followers caught a glimpse of Stormi Webster’s barely visible tiny studs. As with all things involving this family, people were not afraid to share their opinions on whether Kylie was wrong about piercing her 5-moth-old baby’s ears.

And while we get it people on Twitter love to be judgy—especially when it comes to the Kardashian Jenners—, people should stop insinuating Kylie is a bad mother for piercing her baby’s ears at this age. Is like they are looking for reasons to be triggered.

See the heated debate on Kylie’s right to parent her child however she so chooses in our photo gallery above. And let us just say, people are definitely reaching with this one.


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