Heidi Klum And Tim Gunn Ditch “Project Runway” For Amazon’s New Fashion Show

Project Runway might be the name of the show, but Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are the show. And now, after 16 seasons, the iconic duo is saying goodbye auf wiedersehen to their longtime home to start a new fashion series for the competition over at Amazon.

Klum, 45, and Gunn, 65, made the announcement in separate statement on Friday.

“I am incredibly proud of the show, and it will always have a special place in my heart,” the supermodel said. “I am so appreciative of the dedicated fans, and most of all, I am grateful that we could shine a light on creativity and help launch so many talented designers’ careers.”

Both the supermodel and the fashion consultant said are excited to partner with Amazon in their “next great fashion adventure.”

Though few details of the planned Prime series were shared, but the company did say in a new release that it “will be a fresh take in the reality space and will appeal to a global audience who are entertained by competition, storytelling, and authenticity.”

And as is losing Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn wasn’t enough of a good punch to the fashion competition, designer and judge Zac Pose revealed he’s also leaving the show, which he called “one of the greatest experiences of my career.”

We think it’s safe to say Project Runway is officially over.


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