Lindsay Lohan’s Bizarre Video Shows Her Accusing a Refugee Family of Human Trafficking

Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre video gave Parent Trap a whole new meaning.

Lindsay Lohan is back at it again. Just weeks after calling #MeToo accusers “weak,” the actress has further fallen down on the disgraced celebrity chart with a bizarre video where Lindsay accuses Syrian refugee parents of human trafficking.

The former child star live-streamed the bizarre incident in Moscow on Friday. According to the video, Lindsay wanted to put the refugee family up in a hotel room for the night.

“Hey everyone. I just want to show you a family I met. A Syrian refugee family that I’m really worried about. They really need help,” Lohan says to the camera as she showed the family sitting underneath blankets on the streets.

What was supposed to be Lindsay’s good deed of the day, turned into a physical fight when the 32-year-old suddenly accused the parents of human trafficking when they refused her offer.

“Guys, you’re going the wrong way, my car is here, come,” Lohan yells at the children who continued to follow their parents as she chases them down the street. “They’re trafficking children, I won’t leave until I take you, now I know who you are, don’t f— with me.”

Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre video ends with the actress getting punched in her freckled face by the boys’ mother after she tried to grab one of the kids.

“I’m like in shock right now, I’m just like so scared,” a tearful Lindsay cried.

Understandably, Lindsay Lohan’s bizarre video is facing loads of criticism on social media, with several users suggesting the incident amounts to an attempted kidnapping. But after a life-time of public feuds, ins and outs from jail, and basically endless scandals, we’re sure LiLo can handle all the hate going her way.


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