Is Lady Gaga Playing Ursula In The Little Mermaid Live-Action Film?

With news breaking about Zendaya possibly starring as Ariel, we were bound to know who could play the evil witch from under the sea. And rumor has it it’ll be Lady Gaga playing Ursula in the live-action remake!

According to The Disinsider, Lady Gaga is Disney’s first choice for the role of octopus-like villain Ursula in the studio’s upcoming new version of The Little Mermaid. However, no one from Mickey’s corporation has yet confirmed the report.

If she signs on, Lady Gaga could star opposite The Greatest Showman star Zendaya, who is rumored to be playing Ariel. Back in August it was reported that Disney may have already approached the actress-slash-singer with an offer. Coleman has since expressed interest in playing the iconic mermaid who longs to join the surface world, telling Variety, “yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

Not much is known about the project, other than director Rob Marshall is expected to make this Little Mermaid remake his next film after Mary Poppins Returns. Lin-Manuel Miranda is also reportedly teaming up with the original 1989’s film composer Alan Menken to write new songs.

Lady Gaga playing Ursula would be another big step in her acting career after recently receiving great reviews for her performance in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born remake.

As exciting as it is to imagine Mother Monster singing Poor Unfortunate Souls, Lady Gaga playing Ursula is just rumors—for now. There’s still time to assemble the official cast, and we’re equally excited to see who’ll play Prince Eric. May we suggest Matt Bomer?


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