Anna Kendrick Forgot She Was On Twilight —And So Did All Twitter!

Anna Kendrick forgot she was on Twilight. And, honestly, we wish she had never relieved that memory.

Remember your teenage years when you were so obsessed with Bella Swan and Edward Cullen you bought all the Twilight merch at Hot Topics and cried your eyes off while reading New Moon? Well, apparently the only thing cringier than that is having starred in the movies.

Perhaps that’s why Anna Kendrick has tried to bury that memory as deeply as possible.

According to the actress herself, Anna Kendrick forgot she was on Twilight. And so did the rest of the internet, whom were shock to learn (or remember) that the Pitch Perfect star once played Jessica Stanley, Bella’s obnoxious friend.

Anna’s devastating revelation has sent Twitter, and even her fellow Twilight cast members and directors, into a meltdown. Because some things should never be relived. Click through our photo gallery above to see the most hilarious reactions to the fact that Anna Kendrick forgot she was on Twilight.

Once again, her tweet is proof that no one hates the Stephanie Mayer’s vampire saga as much as the people who were in it. Here’s to forgetting and healing!



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