Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit Against The Kardashians Will Go Forward Thanks To Judges’ Ruling

Blac Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashians will proceed despite the reality TV family’s efforts to tank it. According to reports, while parts of Chyna’s lawsuit have been thrown out, the judge has retained most of it, meaning that the TV queens will have to face off against Dream Kardashian’s mom in court.

“Today the court REJECETD the Kardashian family’s request to strike Chyna’s entire lawsuit,” read a statement from her attorney Lisa Bloom. She continued: “We thank the court for its careful, well-reasoned rulings. We look forward to getting a trial date next month and aggressively fighting for Chyna’s rights at trial.”

Blac Chyna’s legal crusade against the Kardashians claims that the family conspired to kill off her and Rob’s E! Network Chyna & Rob. The former exotic dancer is also suing her ex-fiancé for his extended social media rant against her that included the release of sexually explicit photos of the mother of his child.

However, this lawsuit isn’t the end of their legal brawls.

Chyna and Rob also have to hash out the arrangement of child custody. According to court documents, Kardashian’s current child support payment is $20,000 per month and he claims he cannot longer afford child support payments. He claims that his income has suffered since he hasn’t been appearing on the family’s reality show.

If only her show hadn’t gotten cancelled so we could see how Blac Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashians will unwrap! Hard to keep up when there isn’t a camera around.


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