Who Is Angela Ponce? 10 Facts About the First Transgender Woman To Compete in Miss Universe

Who is Angela Ponce? Meet the first transgender woman to ever compete in the world’s most important beauty pageant.

After beating 22 fellow contestants to claim the top spot in the Miss Universe Spain 2018 pageant back in June, Angela Ponce won a place to compete in the worldwide Miss Universe contests held in the Philippines over the weekend.

The title, however, went to Filipino contestant Catriona Gray. And though she didn’t even make it to the finals, Angela did manage to bring awareness, break the stigmas about her community, and push the boundaries for trans people.

But there’s much more to Angela Ponce other than her pass through the iconic pageant.

So who is Angela Ponce? In honor of her historic participation in the beauty contest, here are 10 facts about the first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe.


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