Roger Stone’s Nixon Tattoo Has Sent Twitter Into A Frenzy

Roger Stone’s Nixon tattoo is a crime. Not worse than his own, but close.

FBI agents arrested former President Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone before dawn Friday at his home in Florida after an indictment was unsealed in the Trump-Russia probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

But are we really surprised that the man with the Richard Nixon tattoo is a criminal?

Stone is a 68-year-old political strategist who has been a controversial fixture in Republican circles for decades since his days working for Richard Nixon. However, his relationship with the 37th president of the United States goes far beyond his participation in Nixon’s 1972 campaign.

The self-proclaimed Nixonite has a tattoo of the Watergate mastermind on his back. And despite the fact that it really is a high-quality tattoo, and that he has great definition for a guy his age, Roger Stone’s tattoo is Twitter’s new favorite joke.

Click through our photo gallery to see the best reactions to Roger Stone’s Nixon tattoo. This ink is amusing—but now it is also an omen.


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