Ariana Grande Misspelled Her Tattoo And Fans Won’t Stop Roasting Her

It was supposed to be a tribute in honor of her 7 Rings single. But Ariana Grande misspelled her tattoo and got the words “BBQ grill” permanently stamped on her palm instead. Of course, haters and Arianators alike won’t stop roasting her. Or should we say grilling?…

Fans were quick to point out that the tattoo that was supposed to read 7 Rings actually says “shichirin,” which is a small Japanese barbecue grill. The singer, of course, tried to clarify that she intentionally left out some letters off her tattoo because the pain was simply intolerable.

Oh, and she also said she’s a huge fan of tiny BBQ grills. Because what else can you say when you’ve forever dedicated a part of your body to small charcoal grills?

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to Ari’s “BBQ grill” tattoo. Sure—Ariana Grande misspelled her tattoo. But she doesn’t seem to concern with the mistake. Guess that’s the true meaning of having no tears left to cry!


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