Sorry Barbara Palvin! 12 Real Plus Size Models You Should Start Following ASAP

Victoria’s Secret is being praised for singing model Barbara Palvin as the newest addition to their plus-size models lineup. The only problem? The 25-year-old Hungarian model is far from plus size.

When it comes to the famed lingerie brand, people are often disappointed with the lack of diversity. Sure—they are able to have representation for different races, but in terms of size, they are very much lacking. And the fact that Barbara Palvin is being named their first plus-size angel is proof of it.

According to news sites, Barba weighs around 121 pounds and still fits within a size 2 or 4. So it seems like Victoria’s Secret and its fans need a reality check on what actual plus-size models, sizes 16 and plus, look like. And we’re here to help! Click through our photo gallery above to see 12 real plus-size models who are truly changing the industry.


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