Caitlyn Jenner Mistook Kendall For Kylie on Her Youngest’s 22 Birthday

While her boyfriend Travis Scott had an over-the-top gesture and covered her home in rose petals, Kylie’s dad couldn’t even wish her a proper happy birthday on Instagram. Caitlyn Jenner mistook Kendall for Kylie and posted a baby photo of the model to wish her youngest daughter’s 22nd birthday.

Posting an adorable snap of Kendall as a little girl, the Olympic athlete wrote: “Life was so simple back then, but life is so good today. Happy birthday to my little baby @kyliejenner.” But it didn’t take long for Kylie’s fans to notice that Kaitlyn was actually paying tribute to the wrong child.

The post was only for a couple minutes before Caitlyn realized her embarrassing mistake and replaced the post with two adorable snaps of BOTH Kylie and Kendall under the caption “Happy birthday @kyliejenner.”

So Caitlyn Jenner mistook Kendall for Kylie in front of her 9.3 million Instagram followers—and if that isn’t the ultimate konfusion, we don’t know what is! Will this honest slipup take a toll on their already fractured father-daughter relationship?


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